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#FreshIsFierce Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners

I recently was asked to participate in the #FierceIsFresh promotion from #Carefree and #Influenster.  I am happy to report to you my findings!

These Carefree Acti-fresh Liners are perfect for busy women on-the-go. They are quite thin and, thankfully, extremely absorbent. They are great for use during "that time" but also a must-have for those days when you want to stay perfectly dry and fresh.

The liners shape and conform to the body for maximum protection and comfort. (Not having to change undies every few hours is a big plus -- no soiling!)

As a woman in perimenopause, occasional spotting occurs without warning. Liners are a must.  Wear tampons? The same. Liners serve so many purposes for women. That's why they are so popular.

I'm very pleased with the Carefree Acti-fresh Liners.  If you haven't tried them, I suggest that you do. I think you'll be very pleased!

Go out, conquer the world and remember: #FreshIsFierce!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. The opinions expressed herein are my own.

Enjoying Tea Review and Giveaway Ends 4/18/15

Over the past few years, Happy husband and I have begun drinking hot tea more than ever before. Mike doesn't like coffee and I tend to drink too much of it.  Tea seemed a nice balance for both of us.

Did you know, I didn't have a tea pot? Nope. Just a tea kettle and a handful of miscellaneous tea bags that I had.acquired.

Cruising the web not long ago, I came across a tea company that piqued my interest: Enjoying Tea.  They have the most amazingly varied teas and tea-related items.  I know I spent two hours there looking (and dreaming) about the gorgeous tea setstea bagstea cups, and more.

I contacted the company and they very generously offered to let me review one of their tea sets and a variety of their delicious teas! BLISS!

So many to choose from! It was a truly difficult choice.  I looked for a couple of days, but I always came back to this beautiful Blue with Gold Dragon Phoenix Cast Iron Tea Set.  I love cast iron. From skillets to pans to baking sheets, I love the heaviness and the durability.
This high quality cast iron tea set is the perfect companion for enjoying tea. The traditional dragon and phoenix design symbolizes strength, power, and good fortune in Asian culture. This tea set is made from sturdy iron and has enamel coating on the interior to prevent rusting. Cast ironware heats evenly and retains heat well and is praised worldwide for their beauty, strength, and superb quality. Please note that this cast iron teapot should not be used directly on stove tops to heat water.

During the mid 19th century as infused tea drinking became more popular in Japan, Tetsubin or iron cast teapot evolved from being a kitchen item to being a status symbol used to serve tea. Many nobles cherish their teapots as treasures and are kept in the family for generations.

This set includes the following:

1 teapot (approximate capacity: 650 ml or 22.1 fl oz)
2 teacups (approximate dimension: 3 1/8" dia, 2 1/4" ht)
1 removable stainless tea filter
1 trivet (approximate dimension: 6 1/4" dia)

The removable, reusable stainless tea filter is a great addition (and unexpected).  It makes the brewing of the tea so much easier!

Below, you'll see the trivet. Look at the details of the dragon -- superb!

Next, of course, I had to choose the tea and THAT really was a challenge!  Now, I am a big fan of 
Darjeeling Black Tea but I wanted to try something new. Happy Husband and I both like Green tea, so I decided to focus my attentions there.

I finally decided, since Spring is here, to try the fruit flavoured green tea sampler!

This is the perfect tea sampler for people who want to try our fine quality fruit flavored green tea at an affordable price. This Tea Sampler includes 6 samples of our Fruit Flavored Green Tea. You will get between 0.9 oz and 1.2 oz per sample, depending on the leaf size of the tea. Each tea each will come in its own square tin canister, which will all be housed in a presentable, decorative box. This Sampler Set is perfect for gift giving.

Tea varieties include:

Mango Green Tea
Strawberry Green Tea
Lemon Green Tea
Apple Green Tea
Lichee Jasmine Green Tea
Cherry Rose Kyoto Sencha

These teas are scrumptious... delicious... enticing... it takes drinking tea to a higher level of enjoyment. 

The kind folks at Enjoying Tea have generously offered one of my readers to opportunity to win a Smart Tea Maker 

and a Variety Tea Sampler OR 4 ounces of tea of the winner's choice!

When you order from Enjoying Tea, you may also qualify for these great offers: 
*FREE SHIPPING with purchases over $60
*FREE WATER BOTTLE with loose tea purchase over $80
*FREE TEA with purchase of any tea set or teapot

You can connect with Enjoying Tea on their website and social media pages:
FacebookGoogle+PinterestYoutube, and @enjoyingtea on Twitter.

For your chance to win the Smart Tea Maker (ARV: $19.98) and Tea (ARV: $17.98) just follow the instructions below!

Open to USA, 18+, No PO Boxes. All entries are verified.

I received a Tea Set and Tea Sampler for the purpose of this review. I received no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed herein are my own and based on my own use of and experience with the items.


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Fashion How-To: Add Color Without Spending Hundreds WINNER!

And the winner is... Giveaway (MONTH ONE)

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DIAL Sugar Cane Hand Soap WINNERS!

And the winners are...

Dial® Sugar Cane Husk Hand Soap

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Hurry! Enter Now: Two Giveaways Ending Tonight!

We have two giveaways ending tonight! Enter now and don't miss out!

Coupon for a FREE bottle of Dial Hand Soap! TWO WINNERS!


An item of clothing from, Open to USA and CANADA

Don't miss out on these two great prizes!


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#leatherconditioner Leather Conditioner and Restorer Review

Happy Husband and I have a lot of leather items.  Shoes, handbags, wallets, belts and a 26 year-old leather bomber jacket I bought for him for our first Christmas together in '89.

The sad fact is that leathers wears and ages just like anything else. I admit, I've rarely cleaned many of my leather items. I just never really put much thought into it.

However, I was recently given the opportunity to try a product called Leather Afterlife.   This product is a non-toxic, water-repelling oil that replenishes and restores leather.

Mike decided to try it out on an ancient leather belt that he wears almost daily.  That belt is out in the sun, rain, mud, and muck.  It looked... rough.

So, Mike took it outside and applied the oil:

Then he began to gently buff the oil into the belt:

After application, he set the belt to absorb the oil:

He brought it inside and hung it up to finish conditioning overnight.  The next day...

It looks great! It's returned to life! Trust me, Happy Husband is eager to get started on his bomber jacket now.

Leather Afterlife is a premium leather conditioner and restorer designed to bring aging leather back to life and to help protect leather from the effects of aging and weather.

✔ Protects from all forms of weather and abuse

✔ Conditions into a soft, supple feel that is as good to look at as it is to touch

✔ Brings aging leather back from the dead

✔ Restores to near new condition

✔ Contains only the finest, non-toxic ingredients available

✔ Perfectly blended together in small batches to ensure the highest levels of quality and consistency

For use on practically any type of leather EXCEPT suede and NuBuck: Furniture, Boots, Purses,
Jackets, Saddles, Car Interiors, Bicycle Seats, Sporting Goods, and more!

You can purchase Leather Afterlife on for the low sale price of just $12.99.

I received a bottle of Leather Afterlife to facilitate this review. I received no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed herein are my own and based on my own use of and experience with the item.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

#divineleds Ultra BRIGHT LED Headlamp Review + Giveaway, ends 4/10/15

I suppose most people don't think about needing or wearing headlamp -- most of us don't work in close quarters or outside at night, or in very dark, close spaces.

However, it's really not a bad thing to have handy.

Ever had the power go out and you weren't especially happy to carry around a burning candle? Yeah, me too.

Have you ever need a bright light to find something but needed your hands free? Yep, me again.

That's where the XE Series Headlamp comes in.  It's lightweight, fully adjustable, hands-free, and comes with several lighting options.

Of course, Happy Husband the Land Surveyor, took it immediately.  He's often out in the field before dawn and after dusk. This will keep him from having to lug around a heavy flashlight and keep his hands free for the instrument and prism.

Do you how bright that light is? Seriously, don't look straight at it or it will blind you.   The headlamp offers several modes:  Strobe Light, Red Beam, Single Beam, Dual Beam, and Dimmer.

The batteries are easily placed. I am a bit concerned with the battery-pack hinges, but with normal use shouldn't be a problem.

The XE Series Headlamp offers a lightweight headlamp with adjustable elastic strap for a snug and customized fit every time. A dimmer and multiple modes allow you to adjust the light strength to suit your task-at-hand. And speaking of hands, both are free for use when you rely on XE Series Headlamp . This automatically results in 50% greater efficiency when compared to performing the same task using a standard flashlight. Made from military-grade materials, this headlamp is guaranteed to work as hard as you do! And at $27.97, you can afford to have one in your car, in the basement, on the boat, in the RV… everywhere you currently have a bulky handheld flashlight. The XE Series Headlamp is great for camping, hiking, biking, running, boating, home improvement, reading… and much, much more.  This headlamp will make a great gift for Dad, Grad, and even that person who is impossible to shop for.

Fully Adjustable - Includes Red Beam - Fully Dimmable - Strobe Light - 100% Water Resistant - Perfect for: Camping, Running, Fishing, Reading, Hunting, DIY and Much More - Now With a Lifetime Warranty --3*AAA Batteries Included-- Divine LEDs

NEVER FEAR THE DARK AGAIN - This super bright headlamp promises to illuminate the darkest corners of your world. The XE Series Headlamp takes hands-free illumination to a whole new level. It boasts an adjustable dimmer with 5 modes so you can choose the perfect amount of light necessary for each task.

MADE TO LAST - The XE Series is constructed from military grade materials, which means it won't wimp out after the third use. As an added feature, your new headlamp is now completely water resistant. We've designed the XE Series to be as tough as you are. Made to withstand life's little mishaps and keep on going for the next adventure.

PERFECT FIT GUARANTEED (for your head AND your wallet) - The XE Series Headlamp features an elastic headband with adjustable strap to allow for a secure and precise fit for everyone in your family. No more "one-size fits all" products which actually fit none correctly. You will find so many uses for your new headlamp that you may consider buying one for each person in your family. And at $27.97, you won't break the bank if you do!

ULTIMATE MULTI-PURPOSE HEADLAMP - Great for camping, hiking, boating, running, automobile repair, home-improvement projects, reading and much, much more. You are also backed by a LIFETIME warranty for defects AND a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

PERFORM TASKS WITH 50% GREATER EFFICIENCY - Where flashlights once ruled, the XE Series is now King. When you wear your new headlamp on your head, the beam is always directed exactly where your eyes are looking and your hands are always free. With the ability to use two hands instead of just one, your efficiency automatically increases by fifty percent! This lightweight headlamp is the perfect solution for all your focused-beam illumination needs.

You can purchase the Ultra BRIGHT LED Headlamp at for the low price of just
$27.97.  It is available in three colours: Atomic Black, Epic Blue, and Rose Red.

The generous folks at #DivineLEDs has offered on of my readers the opportunity win one these headlamps for their own! Just follow the directions below!

Open to USA, 18+, No PO Boxes. Giveaway will close on 4/10/15.

I received a #DivineLEDs Headlamp for the purpose of review. I received no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed herein are my own and based on my own use of and experience with the item.


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WINNER! Its The Balm Tropical Island Spa Kit

And the winner of the Its The Balm Tropical Island Spa Kit is...

It's The Balm Tropical Island Spa Kit

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